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In our dream wedding we marry the man/woman of our dreams; we are actually marrying a dream! No one, and I say this with the utmost certainty that NO ONE really knows what he/she is entering. See, I really find it ironic, that we spend years studying in school just to prepare for our grand day in entering the workforce, but nobody has prepared us for that most important job that we will be doing. Nobody has thoroughly explained to us the fine prints of the most important contract that we will be signing… our MARRIAGE CONTRACT.

Before Jeff and I got married, we had this 8 hours seminar about marriage. And that was it! The people there just assumed that like those other couples there in the seminar, we got everything there is to know about spending the rest of our lives with each other… after 8 hours. Well hello!? No wonder a lot of couples flounder helplessly as they try to cope up with each other!

We are now going on our 17th year of marriage and I can say that ours was relatively smooth sailing; until this year. Our marriage was rocked to its core; call intensity 10 with matching tsunami waves!
And in those days of searching for answers I found this very wonderful blog in… guess where!? Facebook! Mr. Chinkee Tan, a motivational speaker par excellence, author of several self-help books, wonderful father to 3 beautiful children, and loving husband to the beautiful Nove Ann; decided to help millions of clueless couples by writing about the ups and downs of a couple’s married life.
He writes insightful, sensible, real life situations, solutions about married life, and the challenges it faces… in facebook. Anyways, I call it divine intervention that I found his blog on my news page and I read it with matching luha, sipon, and hagulgol. Then that was the start of my love affair with the ” HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE” series. I totally devoured everything that was written; from blog one to eleven and everything in between. Lahat parang sapol hanggang sa apdo!


In times of my depression, God would miraculously be sending one of Mr. Chinkee’s blogs in my FB and I’d end up boohooing again, but definitely enlightened afterwards. So when I found out that Mr. Chinkee would be having a live talk about the series, I signed up immediately. And of course if my hubby Jeffrey values his life ,he’d attend it with me.

Enlightenment is the key word in describing the seminar.
Mr. Chinkee talked about the differences of man and woman; how these differences affect our dealings with each other. He also tackled the different causes of marriage break-ups.

From lack of communication, to lack of intimacy, to lack of money.

Even issues of shopping addiction (ouch on that one!) was tackled in a sweet funny (thanks for that Mr. Chinkee) way.

He gave concrete examples of situations that can lead to serious fights.

He dealt with small issues too that may constantly cause petty squabbles in couples.

The whole conference room was filled with laughter with Mr. Chinkee’s funny anecdotes and silly gestures. He made us laugh with him and at the same time laugh at our selves. He made us realize a lot of things about ourselves and about our partners. He knows what he’s talking about ‘coz it happened and is still happening to him and his wife. He has this knack of making you realize the follies that we as couples are falling in a light way , ‘magaan bang dalin’, ‘hindi mo papatayin ung asawa mo pag uwi mo’ . Even if he is pointing out our blunders nakatawa kami ‘coz sya mismo ganun din and yet natatawa lang din sya.

At first, Jeff and I went to the “Happy wife, Happy life” seminar with a little apprehension in our hearts. We didn’t know what to expect, but in the end we left with smiles ,holding hands, and a better understanding of each other as a husband and wife. Thanks Mr. Chinkee Tan! We can’t wait for your next talk and soon to be released book! God bless you for this tremendous help you have given to us.

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