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Happy Wife, Happy Life 3

For those who are following my blogs about Happy Wife, Happy Life.

This is part one??

This is part two??

Things that I am sharing with you here are not based only on my personal experience but these are the things that we have learned from over 15 people that we visited before we got married.

We sought the counsel of wise and more mature married couples. Because me and my wife Nove believed that learning from other people???s mistakes and experiences are the best teacher.

To my fellow husbands, here are some unsolicited advise that might help you strengthen your relationship with your wife:


Everybody need a break. If you as the bread winner needs sometime off to be in your man cave to recharge from a tiring and stressful day from work. Our wife also needs time off from the demands of our over demanding kids and household activities for the day.

Send your wife to have a time out and go out with her close friends or relatives.

While we, the man of the house should take our kids outs and date them.

If not, take time to take some load by just simply helping in teaching our ids with their studies or homework.
The the role of a chef for a change and prepare breakfast for your wife.

These maybe simple things for your wife but once you do it, then you will learn how to appreciate how complicated it can be.

Husband let us be open when our wife speaks.


Sometimes there is tendency for me to assume that my wife only knows only domestic but not business issues. Even my wife is not a graduate of business management but she is sure accurate when she raises her concern about people that I transact with. How many times she warned me about people who seems devious and have character issues. But many times, I didn???t listen. It turned out that she is correct 9 out of 10 times. This is what some call as ???Woman???s Intuition.???

That is the reason why whenever my wife speaks, I put importance and weight to her comments because she can feel what I can???t feel. Isn???t that great, with your wife???s feelings and your experience you can come together with a sound judgement.

Husband and wife must be a team.


One of the best gift that we can give our wife is a listening ear.

Specially when the husband come home from work, our wife will download every information that happens within the day. There is a tendency for us to shut down immediately and offer solutions.

WIFE: ???Honey, you know my cousin is borrowing money. I am sick and tired of them pressuring me to help them with their financial situation!???

HUSBAND: ???You know, you should not be affected by your cousin, just give him the money and tell him that this will be the last time that you are going to help him. Give him the ultimatum, it is that easy.???

WIFE: ???You are not listening to what I am saying, I said that my cousin is borrowing money and I am sick and tired of him.???

HUSBAND: ???Again, give him the ultimatum!???

WIFE: ???You don???t understand, what I am trying to say, I am tired and exasperated with the situation. I am not looking for a solution, I just need to express my frustration and just wanted to be heard.???

HUSBAND: ???At the first place, why don???t you say so!???

WIFE: ???That is what I have been saying at the first place.???

Don???t you find this situation funny and familiar.

When our wife speaks, they are not actually looking for answer. They just want to express and be heard. This is their way of expressing their resentment and frustration to keep their sanity.

I hope these three part series was able to enlighten you and give you a better idea on how you can have a HAPPY WIFE AND HAPPY LIFE.

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