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Nawawalan ka na ba ng pag-asa sa mahal mo sa buhay?

During a session with a marriage counsellor; a couple married for over 23 years finally called it quits. They decided that they will go through the process of annulment; they had enough of each other. The marriage counsellor gave them last instruction; to go back home and bring out their old photos; go through them for the very last time before they finally part ways.

As they were flicking through the photos; the first picture they saw was of their engagement; how happy they were when they got started. They saw more pictures; their wedding day; their first baby; the first birthday pictures with both of them carrying their eldest child; their first vacation with the entire family; the wedding of their eldest child, and many more photos that brought back so much memories and emotions.

While both of them were going through the photos, tears were came streaming out from their eyes uncontrollably. A few hours after, something clicked. Both of them realized that they had invested so much in their marriage. The husband spoke to the marriage counsellor, and decided to give their marriage another chance.

How about you? Are you losing hope in your marriage? Are you about to give up?

Before, you throw in the towel and put the final nail in the coffin, here???s what I want you to do for yourself and your spouse.

What was your first date with your spouse like? Where did you hangout on your first date? What did you do? What did you talk about? How did it feel like?

Have you remembered the feeling when you set your eyes on your partner for the first time? Can you remember the excitement, the spark and the electricity?

Come on; you have invested a lot of time, love, energy, effort, tears, pain, sacrifices, happiness, and memories. There is so much to give up!

Pray and ask God to give you the courage to give it another shot. At the end of the day; it is God???s will for you to stay together. “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.??? Mark 10:9

Never allow your emotions to get the worst of you. Never make a hasty decision when you are emotionally upset and depressed. Don???t make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion. Remember this; it is in your instant decision that your destiny is made. Chances are; most of the decision that you are going to make is going to be a wrong one and you???re going to regret it for the rest of your life.


Do you think it is time for you to call it quits or give it another shot?
Have you asked for professional help or counselling with regard to your situation?
Have you prayed about your situation or just emotional about it?
Fight all your battles on your knees and pray; God can do wonders.


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