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In my 15 years of marriage, this is what I’ve realized and discovered, “WOMEN WANT TO BE LOVED & CARED FOR.”

Men were wired by God to work and become productive; that is our human nature.

We feel fulfilled if we accomplished something in a day. Since we are so goal-oriented to reach our targets, sometimes weforgot that our wives do not only need our PROVISION but they have also EMOTIONAL NEEDS.

Women were created by God to become emotional; that is the reason why we need to make some daily deposits in their EMOTIONAL TANK.

Just like going to the bank or an ATM Machine; you can never withdraw when you never deposited.

The rule of the bank is very simple, “NO DEPOSIT, NO WITHDRAWAL.”

I apply the same principle to my wife, if I want to withdraw love, honor, respect from her I make sure that I make some daily deposit to her. This is the reason why I consciously make an effort to do something special for her to deposit in her emotional tank.


My wife loves to be hugged, embraced, and touched.

She must be the first thing I should touch in the morning, not my computer.

She teases me at times, telling me that I touch my computer more often than touching her.

This is the reason why I make a conscious effort to touch her hands while we are seated beside each other.

I hold her hands when we walk together and give her an embrace once I come home.


Encouragement is a daily need for everyone including ourselves. Nothing sure can make my wife’s day complete, this is when I encourage her everyday, telling her, “That I am blessed because God allowed me to meet her.” This gives her the assurance that I appreciate her in my life. After having her hair done, “Your hair looks nice on you, bagay na bagay.” This gives her the assurance that she is still attractive to you. Men, we just need to be reminded kung bakit ba nagpapaganda ang miss natin is for us and not to attract other men.


It is never about the value or the amount of the gift but it is all about the intention and the thought that counts.

Just the other day, I saw some roses growing from our garden. I just took the initiative to cut it , placed it in a glass, and put it on her table. This is what I’ve got in return ???

I never expected that it will be a BIG DEAL for my wife. I just like to make her happy!

Men, I just want to encourage and challenge you to be more conscious.

Let us try cross over to our feminine side also, let us try to fill in the emotional needs of our wives.

Women want to be pampered, appreciated, and loved. Let us make a daily effort to fill in their emotional tank.

Believe me it works wonder for me and I know it will also work wonders for you.


How do you make your wife feel special on a daily basis?

Have you made any deposit to your wife lately?

What have you done for her lately?


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