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When Was The Last Time You Said, I Am Sorry”?”

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Isa talaga sa mga pinakamahirap sabihin ay ang mga salitang, “I am sorry”.
At ito’y lalo na kung ikaw ay hihingi ng paumanhin sa anak mo.

Akala ko, I am a good father. At least, I was trying to be one.
I did my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough.
I was sincere to be one, but unconsciously, I became insensitive, rude, and harsh to one of my children.

One of my children approached my wife and poured out to her all the emotions he felt. He was definitely hurt and emotionally-wounded.

One part of me was saying, “Siya naman ang may kasalanan, kaya naiinis ka at napagsabihan mo siya. It was for his own good. If I am not going to discipline him, who will?”

Another part of me was telling me, “Grabe ka. Bakit, hindi ka ba nagkakamali? Tao ka rin, gusto mo ring mapatawad ka kung ikaw ang nagkamali.”

But I thank God that His Spirit intervened on my behalf and reminded me, “Are you saying this out of love or out of pride? Porke???t ikaw ang tatay, ikaw na lang ba parati ang tama at siya na lang ang parating mali? At the end of the day, it is not what you said, but how you said it.”

Because of those words, I have to think, reflect, and apply.

First choice, ignore and justify na tama ako at ginagawa ko ito para sa ikabubuti niya.
Second choice, to humble myself and ask for forgiveness because God told me that it is the right thing to do.

I really want to thank and honor my wife for not condemning me and I thank God for speaking to me at this moment. Totoo talaga that God is good all the time.

So, I chose to follow God’s advice, to humble myself and say “I AM SORRY” to my child.
It was one of the best choices I made so far. My child forgave me and is now in the process of healing. I was released from my own pride.


Ikaw, nasaktan ka na ba ng magulang mo emotionally?
Humingi na ba sila ng tawad?
Kahit hindi sila humingi ng tawad, napatawad mo na ba sila?

Kung ikaw naman ay isang magulang, nasaktan mo na ba ang anak mo?
If yes, when was the last time you said, “I am sorry”?

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