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Some people ask what are your ingredients to living a successful life?
Aside from the blessings of God I should say my wife’s blessing matters to me.

It’s so important to me that I cannot do what I am doing right now without her blessings.

How can I work efficiently and effectively if she’s not happy with what I am doing?
How can I give my 100% in my profession knowing that I don’t have her support?
How can I provide for my family if she doesn’t support my endeavor.
How can I face challenges without her support?

That’s the reason why I cannot leave home without her blessing. I can leave without my credit card but I cannot leave without her blessing. I ask my wife to bless me before I go out and work.

Marriage is a partnership. Consider your wife as your greatest ally. Your spouse is your loving partner, business partner, prayer partner, ministry partner and your lifetime partner.

My wife’s prayer is very significant in my everyday life. It affirms me as a person knowing her desire is for me to be blessed and to be a better person today. Her prayer energizes me to do my daily task.

I would like to honor and thank my wife for supporting me and showing me unconditional love and understanding. Despite of my hectic, busy, crazy and tight schedule; she still shows her unwavering support. She is my number one cheerleader when I need an extra push; my number one defender when someone tries to say nasty things against me; she is my motivator when I need encouragement; she is the inspiration of my life.

Mahal, I thank you for you love, care & support.
May the Lord bless you and our family more, as you bless me.

Thank you Lord for granting Nove Ann as my wife.

I love my wife!


Do you pray for your wife and kids?
Do you bless them everyday?
Do you also receive blessings from your wife?

Believe me men, we need it daily!


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