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What was the greatest pain that you???ve experienced in your life?

The most painful experience I ??had was when I broke my right arm??when??playing basketball. At the moment of impact I felt nothing, but as soon as it settled, then the pain kicked in. Man, it was really painful, especially when the doctors tried to put in back into??its right place.

Pain is part of life.

Unfortunately, we cannot avoid pain.
As much as we want to avoid it, we just can???t.
Physical pain maybe for a moment, but there is one pain that can stay for a long time if we do not fix it; that is EMOTIONAL PAIN.
You do not feel it physically, but you feel it emotionally.
It is like a dagger plunged into your heart.
The pain is overwhelming that it can affect the way you look at yourself and the way you treat others.
We experience pain when we experience rejection; when we fail, when we experience being outcast, when we are ignored, when we feel abandoned and neglected, when we are betrayed, and many more???
If I am going to rank the cause of pain, I may say; BETRAYAL can be on top of the list.
Imagine giving your all and forsaking everything just to put your trust in a person. Then the person, whom you loved and trusted most, broke the trust. Ouuuccchhhhh! Especially when the person turned its back and ignored all the good things you???ve done for them.

Emotional pain left unchecked, can leave a long-term damage to a person???s outlook and perspective in life.

The important thing is; how we can fight when we are in pain, how can we be healed from the feeling of pain, how can we move on from the feeling of pain, how can we be brave in the midst of pain.
Pain is not here to destroy us but to bring out the best in us.
Pain is present in our life to reveal what we are really made out of.
Do you want to know how to handle and overcome pain?
If you do, please follow me tomorrow to finish this blog.

But for now, I want you to ???


How are you feeling today?
Are you living in pain?
Did you just lie?
Come on, you can never move on in life if you do not acknowledge that there is something wrong with your life.


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Smart Money Habits vs. Poor Money Habits

Hi there, Mr. Chink Positive here.

I have recently released a book entitled Raising Up Moneywise Kids. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can do so here.

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What if there was a book that gave you the opportunity to earn a million pesos? Will you grab the chance or will you let it pass you by?
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For richer & For Poorer

No one wants to stay poor and penniless. There are lots of books out there that talk about just that – getting rich and getting rich fast. Books authored by successful businessmen and motivational speakers that try to convince us that their advice is the best way to get rich. Becoming a millionaire has become one of the main goals of most people.

I’ve found that, while ther is no fool-proof way to get rich, there are some principles that we can learn that will definitely increase our chances of getting rich. My goals in writing this book are to Inform, Educate, and Motivate. Finally, it is also my goal to Disturb you.


RENEW and Change your mindset to chink positive 
REFOCUS your PERSPECTIVE to look at the positive not on the negative. 
OVERCOME trials, hardships, failures, challenges or even depression. 
Change your old habit into a NEW HABIT for a NEW YOU 
Create your VISION, your STRATEGY and your ACTION PLAN to turn your dreams into a reality. 
To be INSPIRE and be EMPOWERED so that you also inspire and empower others.


Let’s face it, everyone wants to become rich. Some have even dedicated their lives to pursue riches, making it part of their lifelong dream.

But here’s one important thing we need to understand: money is just a means to something, but it is never the end. In other words, money is merely a tool to buy something.