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We already understood that pain is really unavoidable; now, let us try to further understand the PURPOSE of pain.

Can??you repeat these words by saying out loud, ???PAIN IS GOOD!???

???Say it out loud again! PAIN IS GOOD!???

???Chinkee, what are you talking about? How can pain be good????

When pain is present, pressure is also present.

For you to better appreciate what I mean; imagine yourself being a fruit. ??

You told everyone that you??are an apple??but when you placed it inside the juicer??it produced an orange juice. The apple was not an apple but an orange.

This principle also applies to us. You profess that you are a strong person, but once stricken with pressure, tremendous stress comes followed by fangs of pain. What??will you do???Will you run away from it or face it???Will you pretend that it does not exist and just drown it with temporary antidote of living a denial life? ??

Pain does not DESTROY us but it only REVEALS us.

Instead of asking God why am I suffering pain,??why don???t we ask God??the lessons that we can learn from pain?

She was born from????unwed parents and soon lived with her mother. During her growing up years she was transferred under the care of her strict father. She was sexually molested by her male relatives and friends of her mother who??left so much pain in her growing up years. But despite of her dark past, things started to turn around when she won a beauty pageant and soon discovered to become a news reporter. This now opened more doors for her to host her own show called; ???THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW.???

When Oprah revealed her personal story and pain through public TV, millions of people praised her for being brave to reveal her painful past.??Many silent victims of molestation got the courage to come out in the open to tell their side of the story. Oprah now then realized why bad things happened to her, so that she can be able to??reach out and encourage others to come out in the open and to seek justice.

That is also how we should look at life whenever we experience painful times.??Rather than asking God, ???Lord, why did you allow this to happen? Don???t you care? If you love me, why did you leave me in times of my urgent need????


God has a reason for everything.

That is the reason why He said that we need to trust God with all of our heart. There is a purpose why bad things happen??in our life.

Rather than QUESTIONING, why don???t we start TRUSTING.

Instead of asking God, ???Lord, of all people why me????

Why don???t we ask God, ???Lord, why not? Or what are you trying to teach me??this season, so I can learn and move on????

We just need to be hopeful that God has a plan to prosper and not to harm us. He has the best for us and trusting him that all things will work out for good.

My friends believe me, when I say this, ???We will only??handle and overcome pain when we know the purpose of our pain.???

Instead of complaining about our situation, why don???t we start thanking God??for He allowed this to happen.?? This is so that we??become an encouragement and an inspiration to others.


God wants to reveal something to us.

God wants to us to use our tragedy into an opportunity in blessing others.



Have you discovered the reason and the purpose of your pain?

Have you tried reaching out to people who are also suffering the same type of pain?


If you want to know how, move on from you emotional pain, then, follow me??tomorrow??as I conclude the final part of this blog.
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