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Mahirap Pagkatiwalaan ang hindi mapagkakatiwalaan

Nangyari na ba ito sa iyo? May taong NANGAKO sa iyo at pinaasa ka pero so huli BINIGO ka.

It just happened to me recently, when I transacted and hired the services of a person from a well known courier company. The person in charge of may account promised that he will come to pick up the items by Monday afternoon. Since medyo tight na daw ang sked, he asked kung pwede i-move na lang nang Tuesday morning. At ito ang press release niya, “Sir, promise you will be the first priority by Tuesday morning.”

Dumating ang Tues morning, umaasa ako na tutuparin niya ang kanyang promise dahil matino naman siyang kausap. Dumating ang 10am, wala pa! So natural na tumawag ako para mag follow up. Again he said, “Sir, on the way na yung cargo truck to pick up, naka dispatch na sir.” Alas dos na ng tanghali wala pa. Tumawag ako muli. But this time I just felt something strange. When I called nag-aautomatic busy tone or parang drop call. Then I discovered, na block na yung number ko sa phone niya. Tried again several times, ganoon pa rin. Umabot na ng 4 in the afternoon at wala pa ring tawag or text galing sa kanya. I was so frustrated and stressed out.

Frustrated in the sense because, he promised and made me expect. I was so disappointed on how some people can make promises but never fulfill it.

Stressed out because people are expecting that their products are going to be delivered on time. I cannot explain to the people who bought the products that it was not our company fault because the courier did not fulfill their promise.

So I thank God for my wife, after being frustrated, disappointed and stressed out. She said let us pause and pray. When she prayed, I just felt the peace of God, and God assured me that everything will be all right. God reminded me about what I always say in my program, “To every problem there is always a solution, if you are not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.”

So God gave me an idea, told me STOP BEING FRUSTRATED & BEING DISAPPOINTED and move on. God asked me to pick up all the products to be delivered put it inside my van; so me and my team went to the nearest courier in the area and have it shipped there.

When we arrived, medyo late na but they were very considerate to accommodate us and extended their cut off time. I just like to thank LBC for accommodating us and because of what you’ve done, we have happy clients who received all their #moneykits because of your great service.

Lesson learned:


Pag nagkaipitan ILALAGLAG ka ng mga taong yan. Huwag makipag transact sa mga taong walang isang salita. The only time you can give them a chance if they are willing to repent and ask for it. Paano mo malalaman kung sila ay nag repent? Nag-sorry ba sila dahil nahuli at nabuking or nag-sorry dahil inamin ang pagkakamali at hindi tinago. Buong tapang inamin na sila ay nagkulang at humihingi ng second chance. These people deserve another chance. Pero kung walang repentance, mag-isip-isip ka. Maniwala ka, ikaw ang masasaktan sa huli.


Ok lang mainis, who will be happy with what happened? But don’t stay frustrated and disappointed too long. Nothing good will be accomplished if you’re in that state. Never allow incompetent and people who does not fulfill their promise steal your joy and peace.


Pray and ask God to give you the grace and the solution to your problem. Focus on the solution not on the problem. Before the problems exist the solution already existed.

I hope this blog of mine was able to also help you and enlighten you if you’re going through the same situation.


May mga taong bang nangako sa iyo at hindi tinupad? Noong nagkaipitan na nilaglag ka pa at iniwan ka sa ere? How did you respond to these type of people? Naka-move on ka na ba kapatid? If not, ano pa ang ginagawa mo?

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