Who is Chinkee Tan

Experience as a motivational speaker.

Chinkee has been a motivational speaker since 1995 to his own sales organization of over 30,000 sales force.
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Books of Chinkee Tan

Why do we need to be inspired and stay inspired everyday. This contains 50 daily devotions that will help you change your mindset from the negative to the positive, from thinking of impossibilities to possibilities, from thinking difficulty to treating it as opportunities.
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These are the following people who either read my book or who believes in what I am doing.If you see most of them are doing the sign C it stands for CHINK +

Renew & Change

your mindset to chink positive. REFOCUS your PERSPECTIVE to look at the positive not on the negative OVERCOME trials, hardships, failures, challenges or even depression.

Change your old habit into a NEW HABIT for a NEW YOU Create your VISION, your STRATEGY and your ACTION PLAN to turn your dreams into a reality. To be INSPIRED and be EMPOWERED so that you also inspire and empower others.


  • Motivational Speaker / Inspirational Speaker
  • Radio / TV Personality
  • Wealth Coach / Best Selling Author

If you want to track me down, some of my innovation keynote events are below:


  • How to Develop a Healthy and Wealthy Mindset
    April 22, 2014. 6:30pm
    Victory Center. 3F Falgui Bldg., National Highway

  • @Davao City
    The Road to Transformation
    April 27, 2014. Sunday 12-5pm
    USEP Social, Hall Davao City

  • @Legaspi City
    Chink+ & Be the Champ
    with Chinkee Tan and Paulo Tibig May 03, 2014. Saturday 9am-5pm
    Ibalong Centrum for Recreation,
    Bitano, Legaspi City

  • @Roxas City
    Secrets of the Rich
    May 16, 2014. Friday, 7pm
    CAP Auditorium,
    Roxas City

  • @Baguio City
    The Developing Millionaire's Mindset
    June 20, 2014, 6:30pm, Friday YMCA Function Hall
    Post Office Loop, Baguio City