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What Can We Learn From The Great Muhammad Ali?


Yet again, another legend passed away. Last June 3, 2016, Cassius Clay, better known as Muhammad Ali and recognized as the greatest boxer of all time, went to be with his maker.

To many, he is not just a boxer, but also???
…an ICON.

Yan ang tatak ni Muhammad Ali ??? strong and fearless on the outside, but with a very soft heart inside.

Ali has influenced the lives of many all around the world.

Allow me to share with you some life lessons from the famous quotes of MUHAMMAD ALI:

“It???s not the action that makes a thing right or wrong, but the purpose behind the action.”

It is not about what we do, but the motive of what we are doing.
We can do something good on the outside, but if we have selfish or evil agenda in our hearts, it is still meaningless.

If the purpose of your decision is unselfish at hindi lang sarili ang iniisip mo and you do it to help others, you will be guided and blessed because of your selflessness and noble heart.

“It isn???t that mountains ahead to climb that wears you out. It is the pebble in your shoe.”

This may be one of Ali???s most intriguing quotes. Kung hindi mo siya pag-iisipan ng mabuti, sasabihin mo na talagang malalim talagang mag-isip si Ali.

I believe that what he was trying to communicate is, hindi sa malalaking problema tayo napapagod, kung hindi sa maliliit na issue sa buhay.
‘Yung mga makukulit at demanding na kamag-anak o kaibigan.
Kung hindi mo sila pinautang, sila pa ang galit at ikaw pa ang masama.
‘Yung nag-e-emote mong anak o asawa, dahil hindi mo lang sila napagbigyan.

In other words, what Ali is trying to say, MAJOR ON THE MAJORS AND NOT ON THE MINORS.

Huwag ka magpa-apekto sa maliliit na issue. Instead, pilitin nating ayusin ang malalaking issue.

“I would have been the world???s greatest at whatever I did. If I were a garbage man, I???d be the greatest garbage man! I???d pick up more garbage and faster than anyone has ever seen.”

Grabe siya, kahit na maging basurero daw siya, dapat daw na ikaw ang pinakamagaling na basurero sa buong mundo!

Sinasabi dito na kahit ano pa ang trabaho mo o kailangan mong gawin, BE GREAT AT IT and give your 101%. Wala sa klase ng trabaho o estado ng buhay ang success, kundi sa paraan ng pag-handle nito.

It is no wonder that Ali was the greatest during his time; not because of his talents and skills, but because of his ATTITUDE. Attitude determines kung tayo ay magiging successful o hindi.

Don???t do things just for the sake of doing it.

Sabi nga, “Push mo yan!” at huwag makuntento sa second place lang ??? aim to give your best and target the first place. Always make an effort and aim for excellence as much as you can.

“We have one life; it soon will be past; what we do for God is all that will last.”

Of all the quotes, I can say this is one of my favorites.
We can really say that Ali is not only an athletic person, but a spiritual person as well. He knows that life here on this earth is short and temporary. What’s more important is how we can live our life with meaning to glorify God. At kung tayo at ang ating Tagapaglikha ay nagkita na, He can tell us, “Well done, my faithful servant.”


Paano mo hinaharap ang laban ng buhay ngayon?
What can you learn from the life of Muhammad Ali?
How can you apply it sa buhay mo?

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