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4 Reasons Why Today Is The Best Time To Be A Virtual Assistant

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If you ask an employee who travel 4 to 5 hours a day, “Given a chance to be able to earn the same amount of income. Where do you prefer to work? From home or at your office?”


90% hands down, most will say work from home.


Allow me to share with you the top 4 reasons why today is the best time to consider this.


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Digital technology is a trend; it’s becoming a reality. Everything seems to be going online. Just look at our cellphones — we used to have cell phones just for call and text, but now, everyone has smartphones that are able to connect to the Internet. We used to send snail mails, now we send e-mails. We used to make reservations, whether for restaurants or hotels via phone call, now we do all that online. We used to not be able to get in touch with people overseas, now we are able to through chat and video calls.


Everything is becoming digital and virtual. And so, as a virtual assistant, work is made easier and much more efficient. Virtual assistants can get more work done with little time and effort. All information is just under our fingertips, and everything that needs to be done is just a click away.



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Because of this technological and digital trend, there is a shift to a new business model called “OUTSOURCING.” I, for one, have already made this shift. I have over 23 virtual professionals working under me as of today, and I hold meetings online.


And so, many others, just like me, are also looking for teammates online. Hence, more and more businesses are looking for virtual assistants.


The virtual world is growing, and this is a good sign for you to jump right into it. A growing virtual world only means that there is a growing demand for virtual assistants.


Would you rather be part of an industry that is slow-moving, going downhill, or worst, already dormant? Or an industry that is growing and flourishing? For sure, you would want to be a part of a growing, flourishing industry. And that’s exactly the industry of virtual assistants.



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Another trend that we see today is the desire to minimize cost. Did you notice that a lot of offices these days are sharing office spaces? Businesses are trying to be more efficient.


Doing a stay-at-home work also helps you lower your cost and your consumption, both for the business owner and the employee. Just imagine, you don’t have to pay for gas, toll fee, and parking. You don’t have to spend much on clothes. You also don’t have to spend on outside food.



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And lastly, let’s face it. The traffic situation in Manila is just not getting any better. More and more people are doing online work and becoming virtual assistants to escape the very bad traffic and to avoid the tiring and time-consuming commutes.


Given the fact that the traffic is getting worse, and the public transportation in the city isn’t the best yet, many hours are being wasted on the road on your way to the office. These are precious hours that you can be spending with your loved ones, gaining more experience, improving your expertise, and getting more rest.


Well, we can’t solve the traffic problem in an instant. So what’s a possible solution? If we can’t solve the problem, then let’s not add to it. Choosing to do a stay-at-home work can help you not only maximize your time, but also not contribute to the traffic!


There has never been a much better time to become a virtual assistant than today. If you want to experience both challenge and comfort, and both enjoyment and growth, join the rest of the virtual assistants who have already made their best decision so far.



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