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Kamusta na ang iyong 2014?

For some it maybe a good year, but for some it may not be as good as the previous years. One thing we need to understand is there are SEASONS in life.

In our country, it is either dry, wet or FLOODING season. (Hahahaha!)
While other countries, autumn, summer, winter, and fall.

Fall is a time when you FAIL and learn from your MISTAKES

Everyone make mistakes. I have not witnessed anyone who becomes SUCCESSFUL without experiencing failures and mistakes. You can never avoid it, but you just got to learn how to minimize and learn from it. Is there a way that we can minimize failure? Yes! That brings me to the next season ???.

Winter is a time when you need to RETREAT in order to LEARN & REFLECT.

You learn from the error or mistakes of the past. Again learn, not live in the mistakes of your past. Some people get trapped in this season, instead of reflecting and learning where and what went wrong, they tend to find people to blame and build up reasons why they will never succeed. The longer you complain, the longer you stay in this season. After you learned and created a new plan or strategy, now we go to the next season.

Autumn is a time when you need to REBUILD after your MISTAKES.

This will be the turning point of your life. This is where you pick up the broken pieces and try out again. This is the time to rebuild after the storm. During this season, you got to focus on moving ahead. Never look back at your mistakes. If you do look back, it is just a time to remind you not to repeat the same mistakes. Keep looking ahead towards the future. The future will give you excitement, passion, and the energy to move forward towards the last season.

Summer is a time when you will SHINE to REAP SUCCESS.

This is when you see the SUNSHINE after the STORM.
This is when you REAP what you SOWED.
This is when you celebrate your GAIN of victory and forget the PAIN of losing or defeat.

A reminder to you no matter what seasons you are in:
“I know the plans I have for you,??? announces the Lord. ???I want you to enjoy success. I do not plan to harm you. I will give you hope for the years to come.” Jeremiah 29:11

So whatever season you are going through in life; there is a reason and purpose for everything. If you do not know what season or what is the reason why you are going through and what you are going through, you just missed the OPPORTUNITY to learn from that season.


Do you know what season are you in your life today?
Know and identify what seasons are you in your life today.
Create a game plan on how you can move on.


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