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There Is Always A First Time


There are a lot of firsts with President-elect Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President-elect Leni Robredo.

FIRST TIME, two local candidates: a mayor and a congresswoman, who now holds the two most powerful national positions of our country.

FIRST TIME, the oldest duly elected president at age 71.

FIRST TIME, the first president to be elected from Mindanao.

FIRST TIME, a hesitant candidate who refused to run, but ran at the last minute via substitution, and won the highest position in our land.

FIRST TIME, a candidate from 1% rating, won the second highest position in our land.

FIRST TIME, that a president-elect did not attend his own proclamation (since President Rody never attended any proclamations, even when he was a mayor).

FIRST TIME, we have two local officials who can understand the needs of the grass roots and the real issues and sentiments of poor Filipinos.

FIRST TIME, we have two ordinary and simple citizens of our country, now holding the highest positions in our land.

I am very hopeful that there will be a lot of first times to happen within the next six years.


FIRST TIME, to see Edsa traffic easing up
FIRST TIME, to see our government corrupt-free.
FIRST TIME, to be able to walk the streets without hesitation and fear.
FIRST TIME, to see Filipinos obeying the laws of the land.

You might say I may be too ambitious.
I would rather think big, rather than think small.

Let us be positive and optimistic that good days are sure to come.
We must be expectant and hopeful that there will be a lot of first times coming up.

Let us support the incoming president and vice-president, regardless of our political preferences.

This is a new beginning for our country.
Let us not waste the momentum that is building up.
Let us pray and ask God to grant us grace and favor for the next six years to come.

I do believe that our nation is destined for greatness and we are on our way to the top.

How about you? What is your prayer and hope for our nation?

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