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MONEYWISE – How To Have Money For Life


MONEYWISE – How To Have Money For Life

(November 30 2016 from 2PM to 7PM)

Being financially stuck is STRESSFUL. MONEYWISE is designed to get you moving from stress to success. Come and join our CHINK+ MONEYWISE – How To Have Money For Life which is designed to guide you along the right path and will help you develop empowering daily habits that will assist you along your journey towards success.

We know that you need practical, real-world information that will start making a difference today and CHINK+ MONEYWISE Workshop 2016 delivers them.

See you in Victory Center Greenhills Shopping Center! November 30 2016 from 2PM to 7PM.


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MONEYWISE – How To Have Money For Life

“How can I have money for life?”

This is a question that many people ask but never really find the answer to.

For those of us who have been trapped in the vicious cycle of debt, imagine what it’s like to break free.

For those of us who never seem to earn enough no matter how hard we work, imagine finally arriving at a point of breakthrough.

For those of us who only have enough money for the month or for the week, imagine what it’s like to have a growing investment.

Do you want these for yourself?

I want these for you too.

And let me tell you what you need to achieve these.

You need to be MONEYWISE.  



    • Different Ways To Make Money
    • Type of Opportunities You Can Get Into Without Losing Your Present Income
    • What Type Of Income You Should Generate To Create A Steady Source Of Cash-flow
    • How To Start Your Enterprise Without Cash
    • Learn How To Spend Money Without Breaking Your Budget
    • Learn How To Avoid Bad Debt
    • Learn How To Get Out of Credit Card Debt
    • Learn How To Create A Steady Cash-flow For Life
    • Learn How To Retire at the Age You Want
    • Learn How To Protect Your Money From Scammers
  • And much, much more!

These MONEYWISE works for anyone, whether you are a professional, entrepreneur or salesperson. No matter the situation, we’ve helped people experience success that once seemed only a dream.