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Pres. Duterte Tipid Tips: Travelling In Economy Class


Sino sa atin ang gustong mag-travel via business class?
Siyempre, lahat tayo! Masarap at feeling special kapag nasa business class.
Maraming mga benefits such as bigger and more comfortable seats, you get VIP treatment, unlimited drinks, and free meals.

But in recent news, nabalitaan mo ba na si President Duterte ay umuwi sa Davao on a commercial flight? Hindi lang siya commercial, but it was really unprecedented and very unusual for the highest official of the land to choose to travel in economy class rather than in business class.

Marahil ang iba sa inyo ay nag-iisip pa rin kung bakit ito ginawa ni President Duterte. In one of his interviews, natuwa ako noong sumagot si President, “Why travel in first class if it can also bring you from point A to point B? Eh, sabay naman kami aabot.”

That makes a lot of sense, tama siya! Hindi ka naman mauunang lumanding kahit nasa business class ka. Also, ang dami pang ibang mga benefits, tulad ng???


Siyempre, unang-una ito sa listahan. Kung gusto mong makatipid, try economy class. If legroom ang habol mo, my tip for you is to get a seat on the first row or the exit row where there is a wider space in front of you.


I do not want to sound negative, but did you know that, according to Digital Travel Editor, our chances of survival when the plane crashes is much higher than those in the first class? That’s because they say that the strongest & safest part of the plane are within the seats over the wings. So if a plane crashes, we would want to be seated in the economy class.


There’s a much more sense of community in economy class. Why? Ang mga nasa first class, hindi masyadong nakikipag-socialize dahil most of the time ayaw nilang pa-istorbo o pagambala. So if you want company and conversation, choose economy class.

As you see, iilan lamang ito sa mga benefits ng paglalakbay in economy class. Wala namang masama kung pipiliin mo pa rin ang first class the next time you fly.

Pero mabalik tayo sa ating Pangulo. Talaga namang kahanga-hanga ang kanyang pinapakita. Alam kong hindi pakitang-tao ang mga ipinapamalas niya ngayon. It only shows that he lives a very simple life and is a very practical person. Mabuhay ka, President Duterte!


Ikaw, ano ang take mo when it comes to travelling in economy class?
Do you think it is worth it to travel in business class?

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