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If you are having a hard time moving on or you know of someone who is going through pain, you got to read this and share this with them.

I just like to thank the people who are following this series and are ministered to the content of this blog. Now we have come to the final article on how to manage and move on from emotional pain.

There is shame to acknowledge the pain you feel. When you cry to express your feelings and frustrations, some may say that it only shows you are vulnerable and weak.

But some people do not understand that being real to yourself about what you are feeling is a good sign.

Your road to recovery and healing is through???

You got to be truthful and honest with what you are feeling.
You cannot deny or hide it. The more you conceal the pain, the more it will not get healed.
Pain is like a wound, tightly bandage without cleaning it. The wound would not have enough room to breathe. Thus, leading to more complications and infection.

Admission is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength.
It takes more guts to admit and tell the truth. Live up with whatever the consequence, than running away and hiding like a coward and deny that it is happening.

Facing the truth may be the hardest part, but it can sure set you FREE.

Acknowledging that you are in an emotional pain is the first step in your healing process.

Now let us go to the second thing you need to do???

In order for you to kill the feeling of pain, you got to identify the source.
If you are experiencing a recurring headache, even if you take lots of pain killers, it will eventually come back. In order to cure the disease, you got to find out the cause of the disease.

Likewise, in order to solve the feeling of pain, you got to also find the source of your pain.

What are the things that happened in the past or present in your life that reminds you of the pain?
When does it remind you of the pain?

We cannot move away from our pain if we are tied up to it.
It is like trying to row your boat, but with the rope still tied on the dock.
No matter how hard you try, it will not move and it will not budge.

Every time you are reminded of the past incident; the hurting words that was spoken; the betrayal of trust; the feeling of rejection. Do not torture yourself for the mistakes and cruelty of others.

This opens up old wounds again.
Reminding of your past will just make you a prisoner of your past.

My question to you right now is, do you want to be healed?
Ask God to give you the grace to forgive, so that you can move on and start a new life. We need to let go and let God heal our pain. Only God can heal old wounds.


Have you come to your life that you want really to be free from your emotional pain?

If you are ready, I want to you to do these following things:
Talk to someone about your pain and ask them to pray for you.
Pray now and ask God to heal your pain.

Heavenly Father, I am now in deep pain and hurting. I do not know how to start and where to start. But today, I am making a decision to move on and please heal me from the wounds of my past. Help me to remember it no more. Help me to become a better not a bitter person. I trust in your love and I receive your love. In Jesus name, Amen.

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