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How Nick Vujicic made my dream come true

It all started when I saw him on YouTube. I sometimes use Nick Vujicic’s videos to inspire people and to prove that no matter what happens in life, we should not make excuses.


If a person with out limbs—arms, and legs—can make himself useful, how much more an ordinary person, with full use of his body? Because of his influence and inspiration, I’ve been praying that Nick Vujicic would come to the Philippines.

Then came that fateful day when I was invited by Francis Kong to guest at his speaking engagement at SMX and I saw a banner of Nick coming in. When I saw that banner announcing his visit to Manila, I was really excited to buy a ticket. I was willing to pay whatever it cost!


A week after, I suddenly received a call from Becca Music. They asked to set an appointment because they wanted to invite me to be a part of the Nick Vujicic event. When they said that, it was a dream come true! Actually when they first invited me I told them, ???Hmmmmmmm???. Let me check my schedule if I’m available. Surely, I did not say that! I was just kidding.??? I would move out all my schedules just to be present at Nick’s event!


Becca Music asked me to do two events for Nick Vujicic: first was to host a private dinner for a selected handful of 200 people, and second is to speak as his front act for the May 20 event at Smart Araneta Coliseum. I was very excited! God is so good to grant me the opportunity.

When Nick arrived in Manila, it was a media frenzy. He was being sought out by major news network for an interview even for a few minutes but because of his hectic schedule it was nearly impossible. A day before the private dinner, I received a notice that there was a sudden change of plan. They said my job will not only be to host now, but also to interview Nick because the original interviewer fell sick. I interviewed Nick for almost an hour. I know that this is God who opened this window of opportunity for me. It was a surreal, life-changing moment for me. I got to ask him questions that I have been longing to ask. After the interview, Nick helped me realize that many of us may be physically complete, but some of us are mentally and emotionally handicapped.


I even got an opportunity to have a picture taken with him.

When the 20th came, our call time was at 5pm. When I arrived at Smart Araneta through the back entrance. I was reminded of the time, when I was doing ???Hawi??? duties for my singer friend Randy Santiago. But this time, it was different, when I went down from my van. There was escort who gave me a an ID.


When I passed through the holding room and this is what I saw.

I felt that I was like my friend Randy Santiago, who was about to give the greatest show in his life. Goose bumps then started to run all over my body and I was a little nervous. I can still remember when I asked Randy ???Don???t you get nervous performing in front of a big crowd???? Randy replied ???Just remember to have fun and go out and entertain your audience.??? That was a great reminder but I was also reminded that apart from God I am nothing. It was God who gave me the ability and I can only do great things through Christ who strenghtens me.

When my name was called over 20,000 people flocked to Smart Araneta Coliseum. They were all excited like me; I was just as excited. Though I was doing the front act, I was also just a Nick Vujicic fan, raring to hear what he had to say.


It was a privilege to be able to inspire so many people during my front act. I talked about the power of our dreams. Do you have a dream? Maybe a dream house, car, or vacation. The problem with dreams is it usually remains just a dream because we think big money is what will make it come true. And most of us don???t have that.

It???s actually not our income that???s the keeping us, but our mindsets. We need to keep believing in our dream for it to become reality. We should never let anyone steal our dreams—yes, I???m talking about your ???nega??? friends—and feed and grow our faith. Read books and attend seminars that will cultivate your dream! Honestly, I didn???t think I would ever get to share the stage with Nick Vujicic, a world-famous motivational speaker. It was a dream. But look, it happened!

After the Nick???s major event, I was so happy to be given an opportunity to take a photo with him together with my entire family.


I ended that night thanking and praising God for granting me that rare opportunity to be part of Nick Vujicic’s event.


What about you, what???s your big dream? Are you still pursuing your dream? Have you given up on your dream?


If you missed my talk at Araneta, here is a part of the video:


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