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Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you something that happened to me last Monday that was really unexpected.
I received an fb message which I normally do on a daily basis, but there was this one message that really caught my immediate attention. The message was, “Isa ang asawa ko ang kasama sa Maguindanao na mga SAF na nasugatan at pinalad na mabuhay. He is your avid follower sa FB at naglalakas loob lang po kung pwede daw kayong makita na personal.”

I and my wife took our Monday date day to visit the 14 wounded soldiers at a disclosed location. I will just not mention their names for security reasons. As I spoke to the wife and the solider himself, he narrated to us with tears in his eyes, how he almost died in the gun fight. They were trapped for almost two days without food and water and with a bullet wound of M14 (malaking bala yun) that entered through his back and exited on his front belly. He lost a lot of blood and thought that he was going to die. One of the greatest miracle was that the bullet never hang into any major organs in his body. Second miracle was, if it wasn???t because of a brave medic who was with him in the platoon, encouraging him not to give up and told him that they are still going home. The medic saved him by giving him first aide and putting a dextrose on him.

We were deeply moved and touched during the entire time when we were there. We also went around and encouraged the other soldiers and prayed for them.

Out of the 14 soldiers, two of them are my constant followers and have been following me ever since.

That very idea send chills to my whole body, realizing marami na talagang mga tao ang sumusunod sa akin.

This is what I???ve realized:
Marami talaga ang natutulungan ng mga BLOG SERIES from my FB site and that you shared to others on a daily basis. The message of hope and inspiration is needed by many every day.

The wife naman is an avid follower of and on our new FB site who steadily gets encouragement from the blog site. (Here is the recent webinar we did for your viewing pleasure

Napalaki na rin ng RESPONSIBILIDAD ko bilang isang mamamayang Pilipino, na minsan feeling ko na napakasimple ng aking sinusulat, ngunit hindi ko batid na napakahalaga na pala sa isang taong nangangailan nang gabay at encouragement sa araw na iyon. Kaya’t kahit napakahirap at napaka time consuming to write on a daily basis. I have to be diligent and consistent when writing, whether I like it or not; whether I feel it or not.

This is not a matter of getting a lot of views, hits or shares. This is a matter of touching people’s lives that are in NEED.

This visit to the wounded soldier is a clear message that I need to improve and give my best in everything that I do. Whether it is writing a blog, a book, composing a training module, delivering a talk, doing a webinar or just simply being me.

Not everyone is granted the opportunity to become a writer, author, radio broadcaster, TV and Radio personality, communicator all in one. I know I have a great sense of responsibility in everything that I do, that is the reason why I should be more careful, deliberate, and strategic in everything that I do and say.

Just like what the great quote says, “With great power comes great responsibility.” -Spiderman

Itong blog ay para din sa iyo. Minsan akala natin na wala naman tayong followers. Without you knowing??? your younger brothers and sister are following what you’re doing and saying. People in your campus or office are also following you. The people in your community or in your church are also following you. You don’t need thousands or millions of followers in your FB or Twitter account.

Kahit meron isang tao na sumusunod sa iyo and who also look up to you, you already have a RESPONSIBILITY.

Maraming salamat sa kabayanihan na inyong ginawa upang protektahan ang ating demokrasiya.

To the family of the PNP personnel who sacrificed their lives; we mourn with you and salute you.
To the family of the wounded PNP personnel; we will continue to pray for you.


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