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Let It Go

let go at ipasa mo ito kay lord

Let it go, let it go.
Can’t hold it back anymore.
Let it go, let it go.
Turn away and slam the door!

Remember that song?
How do you think it relates to this blog entry?

Do you have bitterness?
Do you have regrets?
Do you resentment?
Do you have hatred?
Do you have guilt?
Do you have disappointments?

You have to let it go.
Not next year.
Not next month.
Not next week, not even tomorrow…

We have to let go of these things now. Napakaikli lang ng buhay para maging bitter, regretful, resentful, hateful, guilty, and disappointed. Hindi natin alam kung hanggang kailan na lang tayo mabubuhay. Sayang naman ang buhay natin kung mauubos lang ito sa mga negative feelings.

We cannot control other people???s treatment and attitude toward us, but we can control ours. We also have to accept that some things are way beyond our control.

Kahit anong effort ang gawin natin, balewala lang kung talagang hindi ito kaya ng powers natin. But one thing is for sure, God is sovereign and He is in control of everything. Things that get out of our hands are completely in His hands.

To help us let go of the things that make our lives miserable, consider these important points:


We cannot let go if we will not forgive. We need to forgive those who hurt and offended us.

We should also learn to forgive ourselves. Forgiveness will clean and clear our hearts of negative feelings that keep us from living our lives to the fullest. Being unforgiving will just make us stressed, tired, unhappy, and miserable. Start forgiving, so you can start letting go.


Knowing how powerful and how mighty our God is will help us let go of unnecessary baggages that we have.

Kung nasaktan tayo, naloko, napagkaisahan, naagrabyado, at kung anu-ano pa, hayaan natin ang Diyos na gumanti para sa atin.

We should learn to let go and lift it up to GOD. Trusting and believing that He will make all things beautiful in His time will also make our hearts at peace and joyful. There is power when you let God take control of the things that you???ve been trying to steer towards. He knows better than you do, so let Him be God.


After reading this blog, you need to decide if you will apply the things that I wrote here. Kahit sino pa ang tumulong o magbigay ng payo sa iyo at kahit ano pa ang mabasa mo, if you will not resolve to apply what you have learned, it is still useless. At the end of the day, ikaw pa rin ang may final say. The choice is yours.

I hope that you will choose the right choice as you think and reflect.


Anong laman ng puso mo ngayon?
Is there someone you need to forgive?
Are you ready to let go and let GOD take care of it?

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