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The Laws of Success: Law 1 Law of Focus

In life, we are governed by laws. There are LAWS that we cannot violate like the law of gravity – what goes up must come down. We cannot break that law. In reality if we break the law, the law will break us.

Likewise, in my years of writing, training and speaking, there are laws that I have learned from successful people. Laws that made them become a big hit.

Allow me to share with you THE 10 LAWS OF SUCCESS.

You can only focus on one thing at a time

Focus is Power!
The more focused you are the more powerful you will be.

To make my point, let me ask you this. Can you bore a hole through a stone?
By using a bucket of water?
A truck of water?
How about a drop of water? Yes ???. If left for a long period of time ??? it will!

Because it has focus!
Focus and consistent effort can achieve even the impossible!
That is how sands are formed.

That is what successful people do!
They truly understand the Power of Focus, and practice it.

The late Steve Jobs is one of the best example of focus. He had dedicated his life focusing on INNOVATION. That is the reason why he was the best!
The late Mother Theresa was focused on helping the poor people of Calcutta, India. That is the reason why she was able to raise funds to support her mission.

Name one person who became successful WITHOUT FOCUS.

I learned it the hardway. I was trained to think that I should get involved in any income opportunity that passes me by. Since the age of 12, I was selling many things, from toothbrush to battleships but I ended up with nothing. I turned out to become a jack of all trade and master of none. Then I met Mr. Francis J. Kong, who later on became my mentor and who happens to be one of the most respected speaker today. He told me, ???Chinkee, you can only focus on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking can work only for short-term but it will not work in the long-term. If you try to do many things all at the same time, you will spread yourself too thin and end up with nothing.???

Francis was right, it is so hard to chase two chickens at the same time.
You can never serve two masters. You will be devoted to one and neglect the other one.

Those words really stuck in mind and really revolutionized the way I began to think and the way I live.

“Well Chinkee, how about the other successful businessmen who have multiple businesses and organization?”

Yes, they may own multiple companies but they hire professional and skilled people who are focused on running their companies.

Identifying, understanding and learning to choose to become the best is one thing you or your company can be good at and is one of the best investments you can make.

This is probably one of THE MOST overlooked areas of becoming successful.


Are you focused or defocused?
Are you successful already at what you’re doing?
What do you need to do in order to be more focused?

Distraction is the Enemy of Focus

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