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May mga kakilala ba kayong mga taong gagawin ang lahat para kumita lang ng pera?
They would lie, steal or cheat just to get what they want?

I just had a recent experience when someone called and tried to book me for a speaking engagement. With my present schedule, having a face to face meeting with my client is next to impossible. I would only invest my time if the client has already decided to hire my services. I would normally ask if the event has already a definite date.

The person told me that the country manager wants to meet before hiring my services as a resource speaker. I made sure and reiterated that my schedule is tight, and the last thing I want to happen is to go to an unproductive meeting. The person guaranteed it is just a matter of formality.

The time was set and I was on time, but the one who set the appointment was not around. I called the person and was informed that the country manager was waiting for me. So I politely asked if I can speak to the country manager. When the country manager came out and I introduced myself, this is what he said, ???I am busy now and I have only five minutes to hear what you need to present.???

Duhhhhh!!! I felt kind of weird and strange. I answered politely, ???Sir, I am not here to present anything. I was given the impression that you want to talk to me and meet me.??? So both of us are looking at each without any clue why are we having a face to face meeting.

Then there was a guy who stepped out of the room and said the person who set the appointment will be kind of late and he is inviting me to a room where there were some people sitting and listening to a speaker. There I realised that I was ???KIDNAPPED.??? What do you mean by kidnap? They pretend to invite you for something that interests you. Like watching a movie or going out for a meal. But when you reach the meeting place, they will tell you that they need to pass by a place and without you knowing, you are already sitting in a business presentation meeting. This is one of the oldest trick in the industry of network marketing.

DON???T GET ME WRONG! I love and believe in the business of network marketing, this is one of the best way for you to achieve financial freedom; but it is these type of people and practice in the network marketing that leaves a bad name to the industry. That is the reason why some people never like networking not because of the business but because of the people and the wrong practice.

I am sad that some people will go to this extent, just to make money. Some people fail to recognize the foundation of a business relationship, is TRUST. If there is no trust, there is no relationship. Never enter a business deal with people who can’t be trusted; if a person can’t be honest right from the start. How can you trust him with your money?

I had learned this adage from one of the tycoons and it says,
???NEVER DEAL WITH UNSCRUPULOUS PEOPLE.??? Why? At the end of the day you will end up hurt.

What happened to my story? The moment I sense that there was dishonesty, I had immediately stepped out of the room and left.
The person who invited me never even bothered to call or get in touch with me again. Because the person knew the modus was busted. So if you have experienced what I went through; welcome to the club.


What is one lesson you have learned from my experience?
If given an opportunity what would you avoid doing in the future?


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