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Introducing the Chinkee Tan Money Management Program – the solution to your employees’ money challenges. Watch as your team becomes smart with finances, leading to better performance and business success!

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Your team's mentor for lifelong financial freedom.

He’s not just a money expert; he’s an EDUTAINER. With a mix of knowledge and entertainment, Chinkee makes money management fun and relatable. His program can transform your team’s financial mindset, leading them to a happy & successful financial path.

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You don’t have to take my word for it. Listen to these testimonials and reviews from people who have attended my talks, seminars, and trainings. 

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What Can Your Team Learn from Chinkee?


Understanding Your Money Mindset


Savings 101


Maximizing Your Wealth


Debt 101


Budgeting 101


Money & Relationships


Investment 101


Preparing for Retirement

And Many More!

Who Should Attend?

Employees who want to take control of their finances. If your team is looking to save, budget, stay or get out of debt, or learn how to invest, this program is the answer.

Length of Program: Whole Day

Benefits for Employers

Relieve your team from financial stress. Book Chinkee Tan today!

Our Services

What You Get: Chinkee Tan’s captivating and motivational talks that inspire attendees to reach their financial goals.

Benefits: Your employees will gain invaluable insights into financial management, mindset shifts, and practical strategies to overcome financial challenges. They’ll walk away motivated and equipped with actionable steps towards financial success.

What You Get: Engaging workshops led by Chinkee Tan, offering hands-on learning experiences in all areas of personal finance.

Benefits: Equip your team with practical tools, resources, and strategies to better manage their finances. These workshops empower them to make informed decisions, create effective budgets, and plan for a financially secure future.

What You Get: One-on-one coaching sessions with Chinkee Tan, tailored to address individual financial concerns and goals.

Benefits: Your employees will receive personalized advice and action plans to conquer their financial hurdles. With Chinkee Tan’s expertise, they’ll develop customized financial roadmaps, accelerate debt reduction, and make informed investment decisions.

What You Get: Comprehensive online courses by Chinkee Tan, accessible at your employees’ convenience.

Benefits: Allow your team to learn at their own pace with detailed modules on budgeting, investing, debt management, and more. These courses will empower them to enhance their financial literacy and make sound financial choices.

What You Get: A wealth of books, guides, and resources from Chinkee Tan that simplify complex financial concepts.

Benefits: Provide your employees with valuable information on personal finance, money mindset, and wealth-building strategies. These resources serve as ongoing references for continuous learning and self-improvement.

What You Get: Engaging webinars and seminars led by Chinkee Tan that delve into the secrets of financial success.

Benefits: Your employees will gain a deeper understanding of key financial principles, learn actionable strategies, and have the opportunity to ask questions in real-time. These sessions create an interactive learning environment that fosters deeper comprehension.

What You Get: Tailored corporate training programs by Chinkee Tan, designed to address your organization’s specific needs.

Benefits: Boost your employees’ financial literacy, reduce financial stress, and enhance overall productivity. Corporate training cultivates a positive work environment by equipping your team with invaluable financial skills.


Chinkee Tan’s services offer a holistic approach to financial education and empowerment, catering to diverse learning preferences and requirements. Whether through inspiring talks, engaging workshops, or personalized coaching, empower your employees and your organization to embark on a journey towards financial success with confidence.

About Chinkee Tan

Wealth Coach . Speaker . Author

Client Portfolio

Chinkee Tan serves a vast clientele of companies and individuals through the programs and materials it produces and distributes. The main clientele would be Filipinos, but Chinkee Tan has also been known to impart learnings to other nationalities as well.

Chinkee Tan has served include organizations and departments in finance, consumer goods, real estate, investments, insurance, church and religious organizations, education, franchising, food and beverage, government and many others.

He has worked with both small enterprises and large corporations.

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