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I am really blessed to be married to my HAPPY WIFE. Second to GOD, my wife is the most important person in my life. My relationship with her is my priority above all. I can say that next to my salvation, my wife is the greatest gift I’ve ever received.


Before you start reading this blog, I just want to say that I’m not declaring in any way that I have a PERFECT MARRIAGE or even have a PERFECT WIFE. I’m not a PERFECT HUSBAND either.

Me and my wife are still in a working progress and our marriage is on an UNDER CONSTRUCTION mode. We discover new things and experience teaching moments. We realize that we still need to improve, mature, and grow not just an individual, but as a couple. Even though were married for over 15 years, we still do lot of adjustments, changes, and improvements that will benefit the both of us and our marriage.

In this long process of learning, nurturing, and growing together, it is very important to have an attitude of openness and willingness to IMPROVE; a humble heart that accepts CORRECTIONS; diligence and passion to pursue my wife.

Because of God’s amazing grace! I can boldly say that I am fulfilled and I am enjoying the pleasure of being married to my HAPPY WIFE. It is by His grace that were still together, going strong, more in-love, and satisfied with each other. GOD is the center of our relationship and I believe that that is the key to successful marriage.

Why am I blessed with a HAPPY WIFE?


Her love has no conditions, so pure, and so true. Her love covers my imperfections and does not record my wrongs. Even if I’m teaching how to have a happy wife; to have a happy life, I still have flaws and imperfections.

But despite my imperfections, she doesn’t judge me, belittle me, condemn me or accuse me for my shortcomings, instead, she loves me even more. She will always tell me that no matter what happens she will always choose to LOVE ME. Even if there are times that I’m unlovable, she will and still choose to love me, for she honors her covenant to GOD that she will love me as long as she’s breathing.

This brings me so much comfort and peace that I can come home to a place of refuge and security. I can come home with my dirty clothes and someone will help me to clean it up. I can be ‘me’???no reservations, no pretensions. I can truly say that I could not ask for more.

She’s a woman of grace and wisdom. Since true love delights in the truth and not rejoices in evil, she CORRECTS me with HONOR & RESPECT. Yes, she corrects me, but with grace and love. She’s very careful when it comes to pointing out my shortcomings and mistakes. She’s honest and truthful. I can feel her genuine love and concern as she send me signals and gentle reminder that I need to change something in myself. She does not sound like a clanging cymbal because she do it with LOVE, HONOR & RESPECT. I am grateful because my wife understands that RESPECT is important to us men.

She SUPPORTS me with my CALLING & PASSION in life.

She knows my calling and vocation in life. I spoke 300 times last 2014. Maybe you’re asking, how can I keep the balance between my family and professional life? Me and my wife have agreed on certain priorities in life that are non-negotiable. We have agreed on certain days and dates that are untouchable. With this, we know what we value and what matters most to us.

She understands and supports me because we openly COMMUNICATE & AGREE on certain things. This is so important so I can receive her 100% support with what I’m doing. I also make sure that I fulfill my role as her husband and that is to bring out the best in her and make her dreams come true.

She gives me TIME OFF to be with MYSELF.

My wife understands my needs. She knows that I need ‘ME‘ time. She gives me time-off when I come home from work. She allows me to recharge and regroup before I converse with her. She understands that men are just like cell phones, they need to be recharged in order for them to send and receive signal. You cannot communicate with each other if your battery is drained.

All of us wants to have a happy wife, a happy marriage, a happy life. But not all us achieve it. Why? Because its a CHOICE. It takes a lot of work, effort, and commitment. It’s not automatic and it cannot happen overnight. Now, if you really want to have a happy wife and a happy life, make your choice now and stick to it.

Most of all, allow GOD to lead both of you as you place Him in the center of your relationship. This is the key to not just have a happy marriage but a God-glorifying one.

In my next blog, I will share with you how I was able to REAP these benefits from my wife.

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