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How is your Christmas celebration doing? Hope you have finished all your duties and chores so that you can celebrate Christmas with your love ones.

To us Filipinos, December is the busiest time of the year; this is the month long of celebrations. We hear Christmas carols here and there. We see lights twinkling in all colors. We even bring out our Christmas trees on October. We party here and there, shopping for gifts, giving and receiving, eating and merry making. It is also the time where workers receive their anticipated 13th month pay or bonus. We feast our eyes on the different sales of the malls. We anticipate the much awaited season even if it is still September. Even our children are busy writing their Christmas wish list.

With all the activities and busyness. But there is a tendency to be caught up with the event but forgetting something? We forgot the real reason and meaning of Christmas.

Let us be reminded that amidst the celebrations is JESUS. He is the reason for this season. Jesus is the son of God, who was born in a manager a long time ago. He was not born in a hospital or a palace, but in a stable where the animals lay. God gave His son as the greatest gift He could give to mankind. Let us be aware that God has all the reasons to punish us because of for our sins. Because of His great love for us instead of punishing us, God sacrificed his Son Jesus to save us from our sins.

What should we do in order to celebrate Jesus on this special season?


It is right to share and give back what God gave us. This is in the form of gift giving not to our friends but to those who are really in need. They are the less fortunate, the oppressed, and the poor. Allow me to share one of our traditions that we do with our family every Christmas eve. (Disclaimer: The intention is to share to inspire not to brag any of our good works.)

We cook hot meals and packed them and go around depressed areas where people lived on the streets or inside their kariton. The kids passed out the hot food for them to eat. We know that it is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. But it will be good for our less fortunate kababayan to feel the spirit of Christ in Christmas even in times of hardships. After we passed out the food then we go home to celebrate our Christmas eve with the kids.

Just imagine, if ever family would only share to at least 10 less fortunate families, there will be no one who will be hungry during Christmas eve. Just remember the blessings you received the whole year round were plenty and God made your cup overflow. What is a pinch of it shared to the needy? God said in 2 Corinthians 9:7, ?????? It is a cheerful giver that God loves.???


Have someone did something bad to you during the past year? If there are people who God is reminding you that you need to forgive because of grudges in your hearts. One lesson that God wants us to learn especially in this season is that, even He forgave and forgot all the sins that we committed through His son Jesus. God will be hurt and sad if we still hate those who make us feel bad. If you know if you have unsettled issues with the people you know your friends, your classmates, your office mates and especially your love ones. You should ask God to help you to move on to the next chapter of your life. Christmas is a good time of healing emotional wounds. Peoples mind are open for reconciliation. All you need to do is just make the first move and God will you the grace and strength to do it.


Let us always remember that Christmas is a season of great joy. Let this season be filled with Christ, as He is the reason for this season. His story is a great reminder of truth, love, and hope. It gave us chance that no matter how sinful we are, we still have HOPE to be redeemed. Without Jesus, we would all die because of our sins. Let us teach our children to love and know Jesus more, instead of instilling in them that when the eve of the 24th of December comes.

Let us not erase Jesus out of the picture as the true meaning of Christmas is all about HIM.

As the year ends, you invite Jesus to become part of your life. If you do that, then you will indeed have a Merry Christmas. We should rejoice and celebrate the birthday of Jesus with both hands folding close to our hearts and praying that He will continue to bless us.

From the Tan Family to yours, have a merry and joyful Christmas everyone!

PS. If you have read through this blog, kindly share with us your way of celebrating your Christmas eve. We sure want to hear and learn from you.


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