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Bring Success in Your Career This 2015

Are you bored with your work? Do you feel that you???re not growing with your career? Or do you feel you???re a failure?

Some of the essential factors to become successful in your chosen field of endeavor are by having PASSION, LOVE FOR WORK, and continue PURSUING OF NEW KNOWLEDGE. This is what I want to share with you on this article. Let us start with the word PASSION. You need to have passion with what you???re doing. It is just plain and simply doing what you love and loving what you do. Passion is your fuel for success. Believe me, there will be days when you wake up and you don???t feel like going to work. But the one that will push you out of your bed is your passion. This reminded me a story of a mother who has been telling his son to wake up and go to work even at the age of 30. Mom: ???Son, you got to wake up and go to work.??? Son: ???Give me one good reason why I should wake up and go to work!??? Mom: ???Son, you are the president of the company.???

Haven???t you noticed? There is joy if you do what you love; peace even if times may be difficult; hope even if you don???t see yet the result; excitement even if there are uncertainties; grace even if the task may be difficult. This is because what you are doing is not only for the money, but you are doing it out of passion. To simply put it, ???PASSION is your FUEL for SUCCESS.??? Without passion, doing things will be challenging and difficult.

The second thing I would like to share is PURSUING OF NEW KNOWLEDGE.

As they say, Learning is a continuous process. You must update your knowledge and explore yourself in every aspect. Most of the time the secret of one???s success is by non-stop searching and gaining of new knowledge. You must innovate yourself for to become successful. You must not stay in your comfort zones and sit on the pew of past success. If you already reach the height of your career, the more you must become passionate, thirst, and be aggressive to search for more things in order to maintain and sustain your career. Don???t rely on your laurels. Be intelligent rather than be knowledgeable.

Remember that as the days go by, changes are continuing to develop. Fast rising improvement and development of technology are seen and experienced. Every second, every minute, new things and new learning process are being introduced. They key word in the 21st century is UPGRADE. Cellphones, laptops, computer, tablets are being upgraded; even how we look is also being upgraded. Once you stop upgrading yourself, success in your career also stops.

Practice these 2 P???s this year PASSION, LOVE FOR WORK, and continue PURSUING OF NEW KNOWLEDGE. Then see how it can bring productivity & change in your work life.


Are you happy with what you???re doing now?
Are you doing out of obligation or passion?
Are you teachable and open to new learning?


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