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Ano Ang Gagawin Mo Kung Nagiging Sarcastic Na Kayo Sa Isa’t Isa

Hindi Nakakabawas Ng Iyong Pagkatao Kung Ikaw Ang Unang Mag Sorry

Nawala na ba ang lambingan ninyong mag-asawa?
Sa tuwing naguusap kayo ay para bang palagi na lang may kumpetisyon ng patalasan ng dila?

Pagod ka na ba sa ganitong eksena?

Nami-miss mo na ang mga moments na you are close and sweet to one another. Yung hindi ka mapakali kapag hindi mo siya nakikita. Pero dahil nga sa di pagkakaunawaan at may mga unsettled issues, may samaan kayo ng loob na hindi pa naayos. Kaya parang immune na kayo, at umabot na kayo sa punto na nagiging sarcastic na kayo sa isa’t isa.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Alam mo ba na pwede mong ibalik ang tamis at lambing sa pagitan niyo ng asawa mo?

So ano ang gagawin mo kung nagiging sarcastic na kayo sa isa’t isa?

Actions speak louder than words, but don’t forget that words are also important. And the manner how you speak those words are equally important. Palamigin mo muna ang sitwasyon, huwag mo siyang pilitin kausapin kung mainit pa siya.

Maniwala ka. Been there done that. Na-experience ko na ito.

Hindi kayo magka-away ng asawa mo. Oo, may mga bagay na hindi kayo nagkakasundo. In fact, di kayo magkakasundo sa madaming bagay. Pero given na yun because you and your spouse are both unique. And if no one is strong enough to accept the uniqueness of your better half and raise the white flag (avoid retaliating–like give equally sarcastic remarks), walang positive na maidudulot yun sa inyong marriage.

Raising the white flag doesn’t mean that you give up. It means that you are giving way to a relationship that is full of love and understanding. Sa paanong paraan? Kung ang asawa mo ay best known sa sarcastic remarks niya at ikaw naman ay mas kaya mag-hold back from saying equally sarcastic remarks, your spouse will take notice of what you’re doing. It may not be right away, but he or she will definitely realize someday kung gaano mo siya kamahal at gaano ka ka-understanding.

And if there’s one way to win back your spouse’s loving remarks, or love for that matter, it is to humble yourself by raising the white flag–not to give up but to give way to a marriage that is flooded with so much love and understanding.

At may isa pang paraan. And this is a sure one.

Ang “normal” na ginagawa natin kapag may di magandang sinabi ang ating asawa is to retaliate. Para sa karamihan ay acceptable or reasonable ang pag ganti. But doing so won’t bring a positive result in your marriage. At ano ang makakapagbigay ng positibong resulta? Give, not what is expected, but what is unexpected. Imbis na gumanti ay gumawa ka ng bagay na hindi ine-expect ng asawa mo na gagawin mo. Sarcastic siya sayo? Avoiding giving a sarcastic remark is one thing.

Giving a loving remark is another.

Saying your sincerest SORRY is one great example. Saying your sincerest “I LOVE YOU” is another.

Hindi nakakabawas ng iyong pagkatao kung ikaw ang gagawa ng paraan to bring back the love that was momentarily forgotten in your marriage. You and your spouse are a team kaya kung pareho kayong hindi gagawa ng paraan to bring a positive change in your marriage, don’t expect anybody else to do so.


Kung sarcastic na kayo ng asawa mo sa isa’t isa, it’s time that you step back and do the following:
Avoid giving equally sarcastic remarks.
Instead, give a loving remark.

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