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Narinig mo ba itong expression na ito, “Sarap tirisin ang mga taong nakakainis.”

That is what I felt this morning ay este evening, no it’s morning, no I think it’s evening.

Sorry for being confused, if it’s day or night. Since we knew that the Pope was coming to town, so the delivery will be delayed, especially if the shipment will be delivered out of town. My team and I had no sleep last night to prepare the orders of #MONEYKIT.

We know the value and the excitement of the people who are expecting their kits, to be on their hands the soonest possible time. Minsan sa sorbang excited, hindi pa nga nagbabayad sa bangko, nag-eexpect na sila ng delivery.

My courier promised that they were going to pick up today by one. So we stayed all night long and by miracle we were able to finish it before the appointed deadline. Tuwang-tuwa kami dahil mission accomplished. It was worth the puyat; people will be happy to receive their money kit as we promised. But when the delivery truck came, the people in-charge refused to pick it up because of a technicality; na hindi daw kami nag pa book ng tama sa agent namin. So they left without bringing the kits.

It was not our mistake, it was the short coming of the agent.
My blood was boiling and my skin was changing to color green and I was transforming to “Kermit the frog” ay este “Incredible Hulk.” My muscles and fats were bulging and I was tearing my dress apart. We were tired, sad, and exasperated. Inis na inis kami na gusto namin talagang magalit. Pero by God’s grace, hindi na naming kayang magalit, sa sorbang puyat at pagod. Then my wife prayed again for me and one thing God revealed to me was, “NEVER PUNISH YOURSELF FOR THE MISTAKE OF OTHERS.”

Ganoon talaga ang mga ibang tao, pinanganak lang sila para isipin ang kanilang sariling kapakanan at convenience.

They do not even care about what others think or feel.

As long as masaya sila, convenient sa kanila, wala silang care for others.

Mindset nila, “As long as pwede akong makinabang, ok tayo.???
“As long as hindi ako mapeperwisyo, wala tayong problema.”

But once if things does not happen according to their plans and ways, they drop you and doesn’t even care what you feel.

Again, I go back to what God imprint in my heart; to my favorite line, “To every problem there is always a solution, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

I had a shout out in my Facebook account, “Need urgent help of a reliable courier company to deliver effectively and efficiently. If you know a reputable company with integrity.”

Truly enough God answered through my Facebook friends and gave me a number to call. The good news was, the company picked it all up and is willing to do whatever it takes to bring the money kit to our clients the soonest possible time.

Hep! Hep! Hooray!

Kaya nga mga kapatid , whenever bad things happen and some people might done something that cost you your name, money or reputation, learn how to move on. Try to think of a solution on how you can get out of the problem. Yes, kahit mali niya, but come to think of it, kahit mainis ka all day long, at iniisip mo na napakaunfair; wala ka rin naman magagawa at hindi naan maayos ang problema.

Maybe God is also reminding you not to punish yourself for the mistake of others.


Naka-relate ka ba sa blog na ito?
Have you felt bad trip and major inis for what others did?
Are you punishing yourself for the mistake of others? Or naka-move on ka na?


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