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5 tips to make your money grow in 2015

Now that the celebrations of the holidays???and the expenses that go with it???are done and over with, it???s time to settle and go back to our daily routines. Back to the office, back to work and earning a living most especially as we try to recover whatever costs we happily spent in the spirit of the giving season.

And as 2015 is now upon us, the inevitable this time is to mull over and create New Year resolutions that will help us become better versions of our selves in the coming months. This includes improving our finances and how we can make our income work for us.

In an interview with InterAksyon, wealth and life coach Chinkee Tan emphasized on starting with the right mindset on creating wealth, overcoming fear, and priority management. Tan explained that people normally worry over how they can still make extra money when they???re already too busy with the demands of their full-time jobs. But Tan noted that before people can work on time management, they should first work on priority management.

???Find out who,what, when, and where we???d like to pour our time and energy, and more importantly, know what is significant to us,??? he said.

???The weakness of most Filipinos is that they don???t know how to create money. That???s the reason why most people are in debt. Their income is not enough but they rely only on one source of income,??? he added.

Here are Tan???s five suggestions on how we can make our money grow in 2015:

1. Start with an idea and develop it.
???It???s ideas that make money,??? Tan stressed, mentioning how most millionaires started their businesses with a simple idea for a product or service. A very popular example, he said, of a revolutionary idea that gained billions is that by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who took action by borrowing USD1,000 from his best friend. Zuckerberg showed us that imagination and creativity are free and we should not be afraid to develop them until we get the ???ultimate light bulb??? for a good business idea.

2. Resell products.
Tan gave the example of the monopod that sold for Php200 to Php300 in malls but for Php70 in Divisoria. This is an example of how income can easily double or triple. ???Be in constant search of people???s needs and emerging interests and work on supplying their demands,??? added Tan.

3. Discover your skill and sell is as a service.
Are you good at writing, cooking, graphic design, even house cleaning? Then realize that you can turn these skills into services for extra income. ???These are services that can even be delivered in the comforts of your home after office hours or during weekends. Plus, for freelance services, you can be control of your time and the distribution of your available time and resources.???

4. Be a virtual assistant.
Do you have administrative skills and are good at time management? Then this online job could give you the extra income you???re looking for???while you???re working from home. Tan noted, ???The emergence of the Internet has made is easy for people to pass on work in minutes and seconds. Materials for editing can now be easily sent over e-mail or graphic design assignments over large virtual storage capabilities such as dropbox. There are also several online platforms that offers virtual jobs on a per piece or project basis.???

Check out job websites listing companies and individuals looking for people to hire online.

5. Be an industrial partner.
Tan noted that for those with the expertise, one does not need to have money to be a
business owner. You can look for financial investors to support and develop your idea into a business. Being an industrial partner means contributing time, effort, and talent instead of giving a financial contribution.

When it comes to growing money, no one else will do it for you but yourself. So, set goals, make your game plan, execute it, and firmly resolve to be financially successful in 2015.



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