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3 Simple Steps To Overcome Our Fears

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Nakakatakot, baka magkamali ako.
Natatakot ako sa sasabihin ng ibang tao.
Natatakot ako, baka hindi maganda ang outcome.
Natatakot akong masaktan.
Natatakot ako, baka masayang ang effort ko.
Natatakot akong sumubok.
Natatakot ako, baka maulit lang ang pagkakamali ko noon.

Marami tayong kinatatakutan.
Most of the time, we are paralyzed by our own fears.
Hindi tayo makakilos at makagalaw dahil balot na balot ng??takot ang mga puso natin.

Kaya naman, hindi tayo makalipad.
Hindi natin makamit ang mga pangarap natin, maging ang mga gusto natin.

Hindi tayo makalaya para maranasan ang pagbabago.
Hindi tayo maka-breakthrough dahil nauunahan tayo ng samu???t-saring takot.

Being fearful is normal, but we should not dwell or entertain those fears or else – talagang maaapektuhan nito ang mindset natin.

Kung matatakot man tayo, dapat hayaan lang natin itong lumipas at huwag manatili sa atin.

How do we overcome fear? Here are 3 simple steps:


We should face our fears head-on. The more we hide and spare ourselves from that “fear”, lalo lang tayong matatakot – ‘yung tipong next time na mae-encounter natin ito, takot pa rin tayo rito.

But when we try to face it, we will know and realize na hindi naman pala talaga ito nakakatakot – na kaya naman pala nating i-handle, na kaya naman pala nating i-bear at gawan ito ng paraan.

Kaya the next time na mae-encounter natin ulit ang kinakatakutan natin, hindi na tayo matatakot rito.


We should change the way we see things and how we think.
Minsan kasi, gumagawa tayo ng sarili nating mga multo na katatakutan natin – kahit sa totoong buhay, hindi naman talaga ito totoo at hindi naman talaga ito nakakatakot.

Instead of thinking about the negative aspect in our situation, let us start thinking about the opposite. It would be very helpful if we feed ourselves with positive vibes instead and stop entertaining thoughts and feelings that will only weigh us down.


We should start exposing ourselves to people who are bold and fearless. Totoo ang kasabihan na:??“Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.”

Kapag ang lagi nating kasama ay matatakutin, duwag, at nega, magiging ganoon rin tayo. Unti-unti tayong mahahawa sa kanila. The people we choose to be around with constantly will influence us and will eventually make an impact in our lives.

Overcoming our fears is a choice. Kahit gaano pa tayo i-push at i-encourage ng mga tao sa paligid natin, kung hindi tayo maninindigan at magde-decide na hindi na tayo dapat matakot, wala ring mangyayari.

It is true that our mind is the battleground. Sa isipan palang, dapat na-overcome na natin ang mga kinatatakutan natin. It???s possible! Believe me, I???ve been there. Kung hindi ko na-overcome ang fears ko noon, walang CHINKEE TAN ngayon.


Anu-ano ang mga fears mo?
Are you ready to face your fears?
Are you surrounded with the right people?

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