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If you know me then you’ll know that there is nothing I love more than sharing everything I know about financial literacy basics. I love working with people who are committed and eager to learn and grow. If you think that this is you, and you want to learn how you can tap your potential and achieve your dreams, then let me help you.

Here are the ways how I can teach you what I know. Feel free to choose which one works best for you:

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I have written over 400 posts on my blog site, all about the different aspects of life — family, finances, positivity, personal development, and many more. Most likely, the things that you want to learn about and you need help with, you can find here.

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To get financial advice and learn about financial matters, catch me on my radio and TV shows. I co-host CHINK POSITIVE every Sunday from 6AM to 8AM on Radyo 5, with a live simulcast at Aksyon TV, and live streaming at I also co-host MONEYWISE every Sunday, 9 AM, on GMA News TV.

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I’ve written more than 8 books on a variety of topics — finances, prosperity, success, personal development, and lifestyle and habit changes. Grab a copy of my books, and enrich your mind, and keep your financial habits in check. You can find all of my books here.

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I’ve been running my seminars for 9 years now, and thanks be to God, more and more lives are being changed by it. It’s a privilege to use this platform to empower people and help them achieve their dreams. If you want to have a taste of the live, actual, life-changing Chink+ Experience, click here.

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Every year, I average about 200 to 250 speaking engagements. If you need me to speak about a certain topic to empower your company, organization, or school, and allow you to reach your fullest potential — whether in the Philippines or abroad — I would love for you to invite me as your Filipino motivational speaker. 

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